Sailor Ceres

Sailor Soldier of the Harvest


Player Name: Bonnie
Character Name: Maisy Tsugino
Scout Identity: Sailor Ceres
Element of Influence: Plants + Nature
Age: 16
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 107 lbs
Hobbies: Gardening + Magic Tricks
Favorite Food: Burritos
Family & Friends: Reginald (butler), Mother, Father

Body Stat: 4
Mind Stat: 3
Soul Stat: 7

Health Points: 65
Energy Points: 70
Attack Combat Value: 6
Defense Combat Value: 4
Total Character Points: 15

Senshi/Knight Powers, Level 2
Senshi Attack, Level 3
Sunflower Sword Slash: 10 damage
Toxic Thorn Explosion: 30 damage
Rainbow Rose Annihilation: 60 damage
Elemental Control, Level 2
Animal Guardian, Level 2
Attractive, Level 4: extremely attractive
Art of Distraction, Level 2: distract up to 2 people
Combat Mastery, Level 1: ACV +1
Energy Bonus, Level 2: +20 Energy Points
Massive Damage, Level 1: +5 damage
Damn Healthy!, Level 1: +10 Health Points
Heightened Senshi Power, Level 1: 2 points to sub-attributes

Empty Mind, Level 1: -1 Mind
Attack Words, Level 2
Sheltered, Level 1
Easily Distracted, Level 1
Powered After Transformation, Level 2: no powers out of costume


Rich and ditzy, Maisy lives with her mother and father in a mansion, but spends most of her time with her butler, Reginald. She loves gardening and performing magic tricks.

Sailor Ceres

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